Our History


Our story begins with Jason, our President, serving in management in a prominent St. Louis area metallizing company and learning that after sixty years of business they were closing their doors. The idea of starting another company was daunting but after much consideration the vision for a new company took off. The closing of one chapter in the thermal spray industry of greater St. Louis meant the start of another. Gathering experience and expertise from his former coworkers; a team began to form that would keep thermal spray going in the Midwest while making the new company, HB Coatings, more flexible and willing to try new things.


As our team grew, the vision started to become a reality. Beginning with a 30,000 square foot facility, thermal spray, machining, grinding and welding capabilities; HB Coatings LLC opened its doors in October of 2015. Work started showing up immediately and while power was still being installed in the current facility, our team began to fulfill that work using generators to power the spray and finishing equipment. Even as a startup serving the customer was a top priority.


While we continued to thrive, those initial years were not without setbacks. Growing pains resulted in changes in partnership and a name change in 2017. HB Coatings LLC became HTS Coatings LLC. We set out then, to improve our culture and invest in our HTS family. We created our mission and vision as it stands today, and we strive every day to fulfill the calling God has for HTS Coatings.

Since then we have continued to grow and evolve to meet the needs of our customers and employees. By adding an in-house lab and pursuing ISO certification, we continue to push for the best for our HTS family. Over the last three and a half years it has been amazing to see how God has moved and worked to bring about the HTS Coatings that exists today.