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We are HTS Coatings


We take the cutting-edge technology and quality you deserve and merge it with innovation and expertise. We strive to go above and beyond in craftsmanship and design. You have repairs, we have solutions. You have new parts, we want to make them last longer. We believe in helping you succeed, and we understand what it takes to get the job done. With in-house engineering, machining, thermal spray, and welding, we are your one-stop repair and improvement solution.

Repair & Overhaul | Preventative Wear and Corrosion Protection


What Do We Do?


We are a full-service thermal spray, grinding, machining and welding facility. Specializing in preventing wear from corrosion and erosion along with repair of components damaged in operation has given us a long history of how to make things work better. Combined with a broad knowledge gained from working on equipment in many different markets that includes: printing equipment, oil and gas, power generation, mining, rail, and general industrial we will be able to give you some direction on what needs to be done, or can be done, even if it is sending you to another company that would have a better process for you to use.


Why Do You Need Us?

When your vital equipment breaks down, delays cost time and money. High prices and long lead times on new parts compound your problems. Our processes not only will repair your component, it can also increase the performance and extend the life of the part in a timely manner getting you up and running quickly. Sometimes even new parts are better off if they have the high wear areas addressed prior to installation. Enhancing the part can extend the life and lower maintenance costs with less down time in the future.

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Thermal Spray

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Want to Learn More?


Are you wondering if your components can be restored or enhanced? Thinking, this is too good to be true? Still wondering what exactly thermal spray is? Our sales team is ready and willing to answer all your questions. We can give you a quote on extending the life of your specific components or try and point you in the best direction for those components.